Fake ID in Ann Arbor

It’s a Friday night and Rob’s friends want to go to the bar.  Rob tells them that he is not 21 so he won’t be able to get past the bouncer.  Rob’s friend has an ID that looks just like Rob.  He gives it to Rob and tells him he can use it that night.  It’s a real driver’s license, but somebody else’s.  Rob decides try it even though he doesn’t plan on drinking that night.

Rob and his friends get to bar, wait in line, and when it is Rob’s turn to hand over his ID, he gives the bouncer his friend’s ID.  The bouncer looks at the ID funny, and then bends it to see if it feels different.  He then asks him for another form of ID.  Rob says he doesn’t have any.

Unfortunately for Rob, that night there are police officers at that bar who are checking for fake IDs.  The officer asks to speak with Rob and to inspect the ID.  The officer tells Rob that the person in the ID doesn’t look like him.  Rob gets nervous and admits it is his friend’s ID.  He also tells the officer that he was just trying to get into the bar, but wasn’t planning on drinking since he is under 21.  The officer listens to him, but starts to write him a ticket.  The ticket is for use or possession of a fake ID.  Rob reads the ticket and sees that it is a misdemeanor.

In Michigan, it is against the law to use an ID that is someone else’s.  It is also illegal to use a fake ID.  When someone is caught in either of those situations, they could be charged in several different ways, most of them being misdemeanor crimes.

If you are charged with this type of crime, there are options, but it will depend on who is charging the crime, what happened, if there are other charges, if this was a first offense, among other things.  As an attorney, I will help you understand your options and look for possible defenses.  If there are none, you may still qualify for first offender type programs where you can avoid a criminal conviction.  Call me for a complementary consultation.