There are many ways that people can get in trouble for drugs in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw and the surrounding Counties.  Some charges are exactly what you think they would be, while others are unexpected.  Some common drug crimes that people get in trouble for in Ann Arbor are for possession of marijuana, heroin, prescription drugs, cocaine, among other things.

Possession of marijuana can be tricky because if you are caught in Ann Arbor by Ann Arbor Police, then they would most likely issue a civil infraction that includes a fine instead of a criminal charge.  If you are caught on University of Michigan property by University of Michigan Police, Michigan State Police, or the Washtenaw County Sheriff, then you will be arrested, processed, and charged.  To make matters worse, you may not get charged for over a year while the police wait for the Michigan State Police Crime Lab for the results to make sure that it is actually marijuana.  It can take over a year for the results because marijuana is lower priority than other controlled substances like heroin, cocaine, or some prescription drugs.

If you are caught with heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs that you don’t have a prescription for, among other drugs, then you will be arrested and charged with a felony.  Unlike with marijuana, you will be charged more quickly; usually within weeks of the arrest.

Sometimes people are arrested for drug crimes in Ann Arbor where they wouldn’t think they would get in trouble.  One example is having a prescription drug that you are prescribed, but keep in your pocket or another container.  A lot of times these are for prescriptions like adderall, vicodin, ritalin, xanex, or other commonly prescribed drugs.  Here the police may charge you, but you can have a valid defense if you can provide a prescription.  Sometimes the best defense to these drug crimes is to hire an attorney where they can provide a copy of the prescription before you get charged.

Regardless of the drug crimes you may be charged with, it is important to know whether you have a defense.  If you haven’t had any prior criminal charges you may have other options like a first offender type program called 7411.  If you are under 24, then you may be HYTA eligible.  Drug crimes are serious and it is important that you speak with an experienced drug crimes defense lawyer that works in the area where you were charged.  If you are arrested in Ann Arbor or Washtenaw County, then call me and I’ll help you understand your drug crime defenses.

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