How to Handle Tickets in Ann Arbor on Football Saturdays

Football Saturdays can be a lot of fun in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Watching the Michigan Wolverines, visiting the Big House, and cheering for your team is an experience in itself.   Many people also tailgate or go to parties.  This often leads to drinking and some poor decisions.  One thing that no one wants is a ticket from the police.  So what do you do when you are ticketed by Ann Arbor Police or University of Michigan Police?  The first thing to do is to identify what kind of ticket it is.  The most common tickets are for open intoxicants in public, possession of fake IDs, minor in possession of alcohol, drunken disorderly conduct, noise violations, littering, urinating in public, and drunk driving.  These offense are also known as other things like drinking in public, having an open container, having an altered license, MIP, party ticket, party noise ticket, disorderly drunk, OWI, OWVI, minor BAC, among other things.

If you get a ticket, take it seriously because most of the time these tickets are for misdemeanors that have potential jail time and other ramifications.  Most people don’t go to jail as a result of a first offense, but to make sure that doesn’t happen it is a good idea to have an attorney help you through the process.

After looking to see what you’ve been charged with, then figure out who is prosecuting.  There is a big difference in having a case with the State of Michigan as opposed to the City of Ann Arbor.  Many City of Ann Arbor cases can be resolved as civil infractions, while if you are charged by the State of Michigan, a civil infraction is unlikely.

Another thing that can help is for you to think about the circumstances to where you had police interaction.  The police need a reason to investigate so if they don’t follow the rules, then you may have a valid defense.

If you are charged with a crime on a Football Saturday in Ann Arbor or Lansing, it doesn’t matter who you cheer for, remember to call me so that I can help you understand your options and fight for you so that one mistake doesn’t impact your future.

Here is a link for the City of Ann Arbor Ordinances: click here.