Littering Misdemeanor in Ann Arbor

Is it a crime to litter in Ann Arbor, Michigan?

Yes, the City of Ann Arbor has prohibited littering. If you are seen throwing trash onto the ground, even on private property extensions, then you can be charged with a misdemeanor for littering.

Do I need a lawyer for this criminal charge?

Maybe. I say maybe because there could be more to the story and anyone someone is charged with a crime it is wise to consult with an attorney so you understand possible repercussions as well as your options. If you’ve been charged with more than a single littering charge, its probably a good idea to hire an attorney. It would be awful to be convicted of a misdemeanor for something like this.

Is there a first offender program in the 15th District Court for littering?

Yes, there is a whole First Offender Docket where people accused of many common crimes are offered deals that don’t involve a criminal conviction. These programs change every now and then so its important to call the court or an attorney to see if they still apply.

Can a conviction have an impact on your future?

Yes, its can. I think that a littering conviction you can easily explain to an employer, but its better if you don’t have to have that conversation. You should avoid getting a conviction at all costs.

What should you do if you get charged with littering in Ann Arbor?

Call me at (734) 887-6079 for a free consultation. We can discuss your situation in detail and then you can decide what you want to do. I am in the 15th District Court on a regular basis and understand how that court handles these issues among other legal situations.

Additional Resources:

Here is the Ann Arbor City Code for littering:

7:92. – Litter in Public Places or upon Private Property.

No Person shall throw or deposit Litter in or upon any Street, the portion of the Street commonly referred to as the “lawn extension,” Sidewalk, public park, or other Public Place, or upon any private property, except in waste receptacles or in officially designated refuse disposal sites.