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Disorderly Conduct in Ann Arbor

What is Disorderly Conduct in Ann Arbor, Michigan? Disorderly Conduct in Ann Arbor, Michigan can mean many things.  The Ann Arbor City Code makes it illegal to behave in a certain way.  The Code section is "9:62 - Acts Prohibited".  The prohibited acts are enumerated...

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Littering Misdemeanor in Ann Arbor

Is it a crime to litter in Ann Arbor, Michigan? Yes, the City of Ann Arbor has prohibited littering. If you are seen throwing trash onto the ground, even on private property extensions, then you can be charged with a misdemeanor for littering. Do I need a lawyer for...

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What to do when arrested in Ann Arbor

It is very important to hire an attorney if you are arrested in Ann Arbor.  A lot of times people think that everything will be okay and they won't get in trouble if they speak with the police and try to explain the situation.  Unfortunately, that is not...

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