Arrested for Drunk Driving on Football Saturday in Ann Arbor, now what?

Its Football Saturday and the Michigan Wolverines are playing at home.  You decide that you are going to tailgate.  You get to the golf course and find some friends.  There you drink, but don’t pay attention to how much you drink.  You are having a great time and continue to drink.  You don’t realize it, but you drank too much to sober up by the time the game is over.

The Wolverines win so you decide its time to go home. You get in your car and then you see lights in your mirror.  You stop and the officer asks how much you drank.  You want to be honest, but not too honest so you say you had one beer.  You really had 6 beers and several shots.  Since you admitted to drinking, the officer asks you to step out of the car.  You are asked to count backwards from 29, but to stop at 21, you didn’t hear the officer so you continued to count down past 21.  Then he asks you to follow the pen with your eyes, you try to, but the passing cars are distracting you.  Then he asks for you to take a PBT aka breathalyzer.  You don’t want to and the cop tells you that if you refuse, then you could have your licensed suspended for a year.  You decide to take the PBT and blow a .17.  Now you are in serious trouble.

What do you do when you get arrested for drunk driving in Ann Arbor on Football Saturday?

The first thing you do is cooperate.  Give the officer your drivers license, registration, and proof of insurance.  Answer their basic identifying questions, but don’t tell on yourself.  Don’t admit to drinking because this will force the police to investigate.  If the police have enough probable cause, then they will investigate further and arrest you if they think you committed a crime.  You can refuse a roadside PBT.  Those are not admissible in court.  If you refuse the PBT, then you will be given a civil infraction for failing to take it.  Make sure that you don’t refuse the alcohol breath test called the datamaster once you are brought to the station.  If you do that, then you will have your drivers license automatically suspended for a year.  If you refuse all testing, then the officer can request a warrant to draw blood.  This is actually quite common.  The point is that you want to put yourself in a position where you have a chance at trial.

How do you prevent this from happening?

The easiest way is by planning ahead.  Many people have a designated driver, use a cab, call an uber/lyft.  Others don’t drink at all.  The important thing is that you are safe and you don’t endanger others around you.  Enjoy the game but try not to put yourself in a situation where you will need to hire a lawyer and address criminal charges

How can a lawyer help with a Drunk Driving, OWI, OWVI, Super Drunk Driving charge in Ann Arbor, Michigan?

A lawyer will know how to investigate the case.  They will review all the evidence like a police report, body cameras, dashboard cameras, even surveillance from local stores, blood test results, datamaster results, among other things.  Attorneys are trained to look at the facts and evidence to make sure that everyone followed the rules.  If the rules weren’t followed and your constitutional rights were violated, then a lawyer should be able to figure that out to give you a proper defense.

If you are arrested on game day in Ann Arbor, call me at (734) 887- 6079 for a free consultation.  I will explain to you your options so that you can decide on what you want to do.  I am in the Washtenaw County courts on a regular basis and am familiar with the judges and prosecutors in town.  Be careful with out-of-town attorneys, they may talk a good talk, but being familiar with local customs is sometimes the difference between a conviction, a lower charge, or something else. If you are arrested for OWI, OWVI, HIGH BAC, MINOR BAC or any drunk driving crimes, then call me.