We’ve all been there. You just finished eating a candy bar, bag of chips, or a can of Arizona Iced Tea. Yeah right, let’s be real here, you have an empty red solo cup and you just left a party. Now what?

You don’t see any garbage cans and you don’t want to carry around the garbage. What do you do? Well, you have a few options. You can throw it on the ground, behind some bushes, or between some cars, but is that really a good idea? No, it’s not a good idea; in fact, it’s a bad idea that can get you into more trouble than you ever imagined.

Did you know that littering is a misdemeanor crime in Ann Arbor? If a police officer sees you throwing your trash, I mean red solo cup, on the ground, then they can stop you, arrest you, and charge you with a misdemeanor. To make matters worse, if you had any alcohol left in the cup you could get charged with having open intoxicants in public. That would ruin anyone’s day.

The best thing you can do is to always use a trash can to throw out your garbage. If you are leaving a party, just leave your cup there and don’t throw it on the ground. Not only is littering bad for the environment, but it can also land you in court.

If you get arrested for littering or any other offense in Ann Arbor, call me for a complementary consultation.

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