A dog bit me in Michigan. What do I do now?

Many people love dogs in Michigan.  Towns like Ann Arbor, Traverse City, Grand Rapids, and Detroit are known as dog friendly places.  With that comes the potential for dog bites.  In Michigan, there are two ways an owner can be responsible for injuries relating to a dog bite; through the dog bite statute, and common law.  In some states there are rules where each dog is entitled to one bite.  The concept is that once the owner knows the dog will bite people, then the owner has to take special care to prevent the dog from taking future bites.  This rule doesn’t necessary apply in Michigan as explained below.

Michigan Dog Bite Law

In Michigan, a dog owner can be liable for injuries relating to a dog bite under the Michigan Dog Bite Law.  There are two requirements; the person was allowed on the property, and the dog wasn’t provoked.  If the person was trespassing, then that is a defense.  If the dog was provoked, even unknowningly, then that is also a defense.  The idea is that if you are doing something that would bother a normal dog to the point of biting, you won’t get compensated .

Here is the link for Michigan Dog Bite Statute MCL 287.351: click here.

Ordinary Negligence

In Michigan, a dog owner can be liable for a dog bite, even on the first bite, if the owner knows or should have known that the dog had a propensity to bite people.  Here ordinary negligence would apply.  In negligence, an injured person would have to show that the owner had at duty to keep people safe from their vicious dog, that they violated that duty, didn’t warn or take precuations to keep people safe, the dog actually bite someone and that person was injured as a result of the dog owners negligence.

If you were bitten by a dog in Ann Arbor, Saline, Chelsea, Dexter, Manchester, Milan, Brighton, Howell, Fowlerville, Plymouth, Northville, Belleville, Ypsilanti, or in the surrounding Washtenaw, Wayne, Livingston, Jackson, Lenawee counties, then call me for a free consultation.  I will help you understand if you have a dog bite case in Michigan.  There are many dog bite lawyers in Michigan, but I will personally be there for the whole process and fight aggressively for you.