Is my ticket a misdemeanor or a fine?

Often times when the police stop someone, they issue tickets.  Some tickets are crimes, some tickets are civil infractions or fines.  So how do you know if your ticket is a crime or a fine in Michigan?

Is my Michigan ticket a crime or a fine?

The answer “it depends”.  If you were arrested and brought to jail, chances are that you are going to be charged with a crime as opposed to being issued a civil infraction.

The best way to determine if you’ve been charged with a crime is to look at the paper ticket and see which box is checked off.  There are several boxes and they say, warning, CI (civil infraction), Misd (misdemeanor), among other things.  The paper tickets are pretty universal.  If misd is checked off, then you were charged with a crime.

What are some common tickets that are misdemeanor crimes?

Most tickets that are crimes relate to drinking and partying.  Often times they are issued on nights and weekends, especially during University of Michigan football games.  Tailgates are a big draw for police because when people drink, they make poor decisions.  Some common tickets that are crimes are Open Intox (Open Intoxicants in public), Drunk Disorderly Conduct, UIP (Urinating in Public), Littering (especially in Ann Arbor), Fake ID use (Altered ID), among other things.

If you are charged with a crime in Michigan, especially Ann Arbor, Saline, Dexter, Ypsilanti, Chelsea, Manchester, Milan, Romulus, Plymouth, or the surrounding communities, then call me for a free consultation.  I will explain to you your options so that you can make an informed decision on what to do with your case.  I have offices in both Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti.