Can I still get in trouble for having marijuana?

Can I still get in trouble for having marijuana in Michigan?

The short answer is yes, but it is more complicated than that.  Marijuana is an illegal drug under Michigan and Federal law.  In Michigan it is consider a class 1 drug where possession or use can be charged as a misdemeanor.  If you sell any quantity or possess large quantities, then you can also be charged with more serious crimes.

Even with these restrictions, it is possible to legally use marijuana in this state.  To do so you would need to obtain a medical marijuana license.  There are strict rules with regards to medical marijuana and the Medical Marijuana Act.  Using and possessing it legally is more complicated than getting a license and smoking.  You should be familiar with the rules if your doctor recommends medical marijuana.

Can I get in trouble for having or using marijuana in the City of Ann Arbor?

There are also some cities that have decriminalized marijuana.  For instance, Ann Arbor decriminalized marijuana use when on city property.  This was done back in the 1970s; however, it is still civil infraction so if someone is stopped for marijuana use in Ann Arbor, they can be issued a civil infraction that carries a fine.

What is you are on University of Michigan property?

If you are stopped for marijuana use or possession while on state owned property like the University of Michigan, then the state law applies and you will be charged criminally.  This means that even though a person is in an area where it is decriminalized, whether they get charged will depend on the arresting agency and their actual location.

What about driving a vehicle while smoking marijuana in Michigan?

Driving while under the influence of marijuana is treated differently.  This is very serious and can lead to other charges like driving with the presence of drugs in your system.  Here is a link that addresses drugged driving:

As you can see, marijuana in Michigan is a complicated matter.  If you are charged with a marijuana related crime, call me for a free consultation at (734) 887-6079. I can help you understand your options and properly defend you.

If you are arrested in Ann Arbor, you can look up your case in the 15th District Court here: