What is the “Parked Car Exception” in Michigan?

In Michigan, a person who owns a car and drives it on the street is required to have no-fault automobile insurance.  No-Fault generally protects the person who has the coverage even when someone else did the damage or caused the injuries.  No-Fault insurance has many rules and exceptions to it including the “parked car exception”.

What is the “parked car exception”?

One of the exceptions to no-fault in Michigan is when your car is damaged by someone else when the car is parked.  For instance, if your car is parked on the street and someone drives into it, then you can sue to recover the cost to repair the car.  Generally, in most no-fault situations, if someone else is responsible for the accident, then a person can only recover up to $1,000 against the other party through the mini tort.  The mini tort is meant to help the victims of car accidents to recover the money it costs to make minor repairs and cover car insurance deductibles.  When a car is parked, mini tort and no-fault generally don’t apply so you can, in theory, sue to repair the whole car.

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